Monday, December 8, 2008


I love Christmas! The time when the whole world lights up and celebrates the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. They may not know that's what they are doing but, in my heart, that IS what they are doing! Christmas music is everywhere..."Deck the halls with balls of holly...Joy to the world the Lord is come!" The department stores are full of people scurry here and there trying to find just the right gift for that special person...spending too much money...but, somehow, it's okay. It's Christmas, the one time of the year when the world puts a little self aside and rejoices in others. I love that!
Of course, for me, I love the story of the birth, the shepherds, the Kings, the Angels and the star. I love special cantata's performed at the church around the block. Going to midnight church services on Christmas eve. Directing our church Christmas plays, making me even busier at the busiest time of the year. Going caroling from door to door at the homes of our church shut-ins. Setting aside a special offering just for missions at Christmas. I do love Christmas!
I love the whimsical side of Christmas too. The thought of Santa Claus really coming to town, whether it be by helicopter, sleigh, float or firetruck, excites me every year. I love giving presents at Christmas, choosing each and every one especially for that person I hold dear. I do not take giving presents lightly. I spend hours shopping for just the right one.
But I suppose my favorite personal thing about Christmas is decorating for the holiday. Every year taking out those decorations is like meeting an old friend again. Memories flood my soul of kinder times and a slower life. I can't tell you about a gift that I received as a child at Christmas but I can tell you about playing under the Christmas tree at my granny's house. Under Granny's tree was magical. There was a village there with horse drawn sleighs, wishing wells, tiny little snowmen, a milkmaid crossing a bridge, the mailman rushing from house to house, skiers and sledders but, my favorite, were the skaters on the mirror pond. I would lie under that tree and play for hours. Granny never objected to any of her grandchildren playing with the magic under her tree. She would watch me and smile as I skated my skaters across the pond. Now today I watch as my own dear grandchildren play with the village under the tree and, as I watch them, I am once again taken back to that slower, kinder time when I looked up to see my granny smile. That is truly my favorite thing at Christmas.

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Mrs. Newman said...

Thank you for your call wishing me a merry Christmas--I just heard it the other day!! Better late than never :)

Kent changed our phone to Vonage and the messages are left online. Kind of weird, but a fact he failed to tell me.

I loved reading your Christmas blog. I have finally gotten mine up and running and hopefully will be using it as a new teaching tool. Have a great time in California! I wish I could go with you!!
Love, your little Carrie Ann