Saturday, April 19, 2008


When Carrie went back to teaching in 2005, Annie joined the Mt. Women to be Mama's new "girlie". Ann has an automatic wit and will do about anything for a good laugh. One problem! Ann has motion sickness! What is it with my me and all these regurgitating women? Could it be my driving? Surely not.

Ann is the owner of Riptide Grooming in St. Albans where she lives with her husband, Emmet. In her spare time (that's a laugh, right there) she is a professional clown for parties and events. She has a brand new grand baby boy, Lance, from her son Grant and his wife, Tammy. Her daughter, Cara, is a junior student at Marshall. Her oldest daughter, Anna, went to be with Jesus in 2003 after a car accident. Ann's faith in God has sustained through this terrible tragedy.

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