Saturday, April 19, 2008


Carrie and Mama have traveled the most together. Carrie was the business part of the Mt. Women and Mama was the creative part. We worked so well together. Carrie was such an asset to the business. She was brilliant at publicity. She made all of our brochures, business cards, invoices, etc. She sent out mailers and feelers to get responses from potential customers. We went everywhere together along with her youngin's, Elizabeth, Christian and Courtney. The kids were a lot of fun and delightful to travel with. Courtney had a problem with motion sickness and once, when we had a performance at the Greenbrier, she threw up right in front of the Hotel's front door.

Carrie is now teaching at Teays Valley Christian School. She lives in Scott Depot, WV with Kent, her wonderful husband, and Courtney. Elizabeth is currently attending WVU and Christian is studying Architecture at UK.

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