Thursday, April 24, 2008


In 1998 THE MOUNTAIN WOMEN won the National Storytelling Competition. At that time. THE MOUNTAIN WOMEN consisted of Carrie, Jenny and me. We won a Waterford Crystal Clock and $2000. Of course, $2000 divided 3 ways is not a lot of money but we were thrilled nonetheless. The celebrity judge that year was Jim May. That is, also, the first time we met our precious mentor, Lyn Ford. We competed against Bruce Smith of Yelm, Washington; Carol Milligan of Westerville, Ohio; Jim Flanagan of Circleville, Ohio; and Kathy Blair of Jonesborough, Tennessee.

The next year we were invited back to be judges. We met and got to know Bobby Norfolk. What a delightful guy. He gave us some tips on "what comes next" in the storytelling world.

Since that time we have performed many times in Hillsboro in schools and churches. It is a lovely little community. There no longer is a National Storytelling Competition. That's kinda sad since it was a great opportunity for storytellers to showcase themselves. Charlene Tarr and Jeanie Snap did an excellent job putting the whole thing together. We thank them from the bottom of our hearts.

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